Discover our butterflies

There are 57 different species of resident butterflies in the UK, plus some friendly immigrants. The 20 images below show some of the most beautiful and popular UK butterflies. Our ten-acre habitat will help support the environment and the survival of many butterflies in the UK.

Where butterflies lay up to 100 eggs (and more), approximately only four or five eggs survive and mature to become butterflies. We believe that this ten-acre butterfly habitat will help to ensure that a higher percentage of butterfly eggs survive, and go on to increase the butterfly population.

Where normally only four or five butterfly eggs survive, after one year of planting we expect to see a significant increase in the number of eggs. Possibly up to 15-20 eggs per 100 will survive to become butterflies.

We greatly appreciate all the support and pictures supplied to Butterflies Forever by Pete Eeles, and also his colleagues Vince Massimo and Iain Leach.

Small Skipper

Red Admiral

Marbled White

Speckled Wood

Large White

Duke of Burgundy

Clouded Yellow

White Admiral


Small Blue


Silver Studded Blue

Painted Lady

Wall Butterfly

Meadow Brown

Grizzled Skipper


Pearl Bordered



Imagine that after two or three years, this habitat will help to produce an increase in the butterfly population. The following years would then see a substantial increase in the numbers of butterflies existing in and around this habitat.

This success will be entirely due to the protection and deterrents we will have put in place which will discourage a large percentage of predators from attacking and killing the butterflies.