Gonepteryx Rhamni

Family Pieridae
  • Colouring – Wings yellow in colour with a hint of green. Some have a few brown markings on their wings.
  • Life span – May to August. However Brimstones can live for up to one year if the UK weather conditions are good.
  • Native – British butterfly.
  • Caterpillar colour – Green.
  • Eggs to caterpillar – 10-15 days.
  • Food for the caterpillar – Alder buckthorn and buckthorn.
  • Food for the butterfly – Buddleia, rotting fruit, dung, dandelion and ragged-robin.
Special features

Brimstones can remain almost invisible to predators due to their wonderful camouflage. Likes to go to rest early afternoon. The Brimstone is one of the earliest butterflies to be seen in the UK – sometimes January or February.