Clouded Yellow

Colias Croceus

The Yellows
  • Colouring – Upper wing yellow, with a hint of orange. Black tips on the edge of the wings. Underwing yellow with small brown spots.
  • Life span – May through to November.
  • Immigrant 
  • Caterpillar colour – Starts yellow then turns purple-grey in colour.
  • Eggs to caterpillar – 6 weeks in warm weather, 8-10 weeks in cold weather.
  • Food for the caterpillar – Cultivated clover, birds-foot-trefoil, lucern.
  • Food for the butterfly – Grasses, dandelions, horseshoe vetch, clover.
Special features

There have been some spectacular sitings where thousands of Clouded Yellow have gathered together and flown from Europe across to the UK, heading in a northerly direction. The Clouded Yellow is very widespread, covering all of the UK. Also the Clouded Yellow can travel at phenomenal speeds.