Marbled White

Melanargia Galathea 

Family Browns 
  • Colouring – White with black tips on the wings and on the body, underside is a mix of grey / white and black.
  • Life span – June to July.
  • Native – British butterfly.
  • Caterpillar colour – Light brown then green.
  • Eggs to caterpillar – 3 – 4 weeks.
  • Food for the caterpillar – Grass blades.
  • Food for the butterfly – Grasses, mixed scrubs.
Special features

In an attempt to avoid the number one predator (birds) it is thought that the Marbled White exhibits colouring that shows to a potential predator its unpalatability. Male and female are similar in appearance, although the female has a brown hue to her underside and a creamy brown leading edge to her forewings.