Aglais Io

Family Nymphalidae
  • Colouring – Red with four magnificent eyes, showing on the wing tips.
  • Life span – March through to September.
  • Native – British butterfly.
  • Caterpillar colour – Eggs green with small white strips.
  • Eggs to Caterpillar – Approx 2-3 weeks.
  • Food for the caterpillar – Stinging nettles, hops.
  • Food for the butterfly – Dandelions, berries, nettles, common plants, buddleia, milkweed.
Special features

The Peacock has excellent camouflage when its wings are closed. It’s difficult to see the Peacock when amongst the foliage of branches. Also, to ward off attacks, the Peacock can rub its wings together, making an audible hissing sound, putting off potential predators.