Wall Butterfly

Lasiommata Megera

Family Browns 
  • Colouring – Light brown, black streaks, small dots on upper wings looking like eyes.
  • Life span – July through to September.
  • Native – British butterfly, and is seen in many countries.
  • Caterpillar colour – Bright green.
  • Eggs to caterpillar – 17 – 20 days.
  • Food for the caterpillar – Common grass, cocks-foot, tor-grass, Yorkshire fog.
  • Food for the butterfly – Flowers, common flea bane, daisy, thistles, knapweed.
Special features

Likes to bask on walls (hence the name). Their brown underwings provide good camouflage when resting on a sandy surface. This butterfly has a characteristic behaviour of resting with two-thirds of their wings open on a bare surface in order to raise its body temperature before taking flight.